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Start Exercising Now!

Do you ever say I am too lazy to exercise or eat right? Right now you look great, feel great and eat like crap. In your life you don't have the gusto to go out and start your weight maintenance program. That is right, weight maintenance not weight loss. I am addressing this article to those that are at their target weight or 10 or so pounds above it. I am addressing people that get married and don't care anymore to keep at their target weight. If you don't give a crap this is for you.
Ask yourself this one question. Do you care enough about maintaining your weight? I have heard people actually say, "I am too lazy." The problem with that statement is that even though you may not care enough now to exercise, what about when you put on tons of weight, feel insecure and unhealthy. You joints start to hurt and it is hard to go out to play with the kids. What about when everyone is going hiking and you are the one holding the group up. Your old clothes don't fit any longer and you always try to suck in that huge tummy or do something about that huge butt. Your self image is not as good as it used to be. The reality is that people want to feel healthy, live long happy lives and look good. It is up to you whether you do weight maintenance now or go on a huge weight loss journey like I am on now. Don't give any excuses as to why you should not do weight maintenance now.
Start eating healthy and exercising this moment. Don't wait for the heart attack or for some embarrassing moment to move you forward. I understand that it is very tough to start now without some major motivation, like the lady that waited in line for 2 hours to get on a roller coaster then couldn't ride because she was too large. Don't wait for that moment. Most people don't want to be fat. I just want you to realize that now rather than when you are actually fat. I did not realize that point enough. I kept eating badly and not exercising and putting on tons of weight. I am no longer in a weight maintenance program. I am in a weight- lose 75 or so pounds program.
Most or many people realize at some point that they don't like to be fat. So why wait for that moment; do something about it immediately!

About The Author Taylor is an ex personal trainer. He graduated with a degree in exercise and sport science. He is working on losing weight now after putting on over 80-90 lbs. He is working on sharing his weight loss journey and best practices at
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