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Health and Food Guide is your one stop resource for beauty needs, boasting extensive guides on Healthy living, where to find plastic surgery and the latest Diet trends and Culinary treats (Food and Drink guide).
What Are Skin Peels And Which One Is The Best
In the recent years fashion and looks have become a billion dollar industry and as expensive life altering procedures become less expensive and more affordable it looks like this trend will continue f...
Fats Explained
Fats provide a concentrated store of energy in the body. Weight for weight they provide twice as much energy as do either carbohydrates or proteins. If you eat too much of any of these three basic foo...
Tired Of Struggling To Lose Weight?
There are many factors that cause us to increase body weight, yet three stand out from the rest. Our genetic make: Every cell in our body has a central control panel, that is a nucleus that contains....
Health Insurance - Uncovering The Confusion
The world of insurance can be confusing and sometimes it's easier to just delay the decision. But you need to consider the fact that medical costs are getting dearer and dearer. Unfortunately, many...
Spot Reducing is For The Laundry
Can you give me an exercise that will get rid of the fat on my stomach ? What exercises an I do to tone my thighs ? Can you recommend some exercises to make my arms, thighs and stomach small...
The Health Numbers - Part 3
Physical health is something about which everybody is conscious about. Good health and ill health are directly proportional to a native's earning capability. Thus, being aware of our personal health ...
The Easy Way to Quit Smoking
The question on every smoker?s yellowing lip will always be "Is there an easy way to quit smoking?? The instant answer to that would be yes, as there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence to suggest it...
Staying Healthy In An Unhealthy World
For the sake of yourself and everyone you love, it is a good idea to stay healthy. You can avoid financial debt caused by medical problems. You can avoid dying at an unnecessarily early age. Best of a...
Scratching Bug Bites May Sting Your Summer Fun
(NC)-In most cases insect bites are harmless and if left alone, the irritation will subside within 48 hours. However, for some people, particularly children, scratching bites may lead to a highly co....
Are There Medications That Can Make You Gain Weight?
The last thing that a patient wants to hear is that one of the drugs they have been prescribed will make them gain weight. That is a fear that many have to face because when a medication is needed, t...
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