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The Health Numbers - Part 3

Physical health is something about which everybody is conscious about. Good health and ill health are directly proportional to a native's earning capability. Thus, being aware of our personal health and its maintenance can help us to a great extent.

As we have discussed in the previous two articles, there are all together twenty two health numbers from one to twenty two. These of these numbers lays a different impact on our health. Numbers nine to twelve are discussed as follows.

Number Nine
The number nine gives you a fairly strong type of body, but there seems to be a need for maintaining purity of blood and to see that there is a proper elimination of carbonic acid from the systems. Sluggishness in blood circulation should not be permitted for this may lead to blood poisoning and create morbid changes which are very much unfavorable for the health.

The sign rules over the legs and the ankles and also to some extent the eyes. Any tendency towards varicose veins, affections of legs and ankles or hurt caused to these areas needs prompt attention.

Number Ten
The number ten is another number which signifies that the condition of nervous systems will have much influence over your general health conditions. When there is an absence of mental strain, then health will be good. Some liability to feverish ailments and those of an internal character is denoted.

Such complaints such as gravel, stone, appendicitis and hernia are most likely to affect your health. So care must be taken in these fields as well. Proper vicinity should be taken when you are under the vicinity of people suffering from infectious diseases. There can be reactions upon heart, throat and back.

Number Eleven
The number eleven is a rather peculiar number and sometimes has a peculiar effect over the health. It is a psychic number and hence gives receptivity to ailments which are psychic and emotional in their origin.

As the imagination power is very strong, certain physical aches and pains can be misconstrued and there always remains a danger of believing that some terrible disease is being suffered from, when actually nothing of that sort has happened. Over smoking, drugs and all sort of addictions should be avoided in order to maintain good health.

Number Twelve
The number twelve is not favorable number for health as it brings susceptibility to colds and chills and to illness or malnutrition as a result of neglect both during the early as well as during the later years of life. There are liabilities to bruises and hurt through falls or as a result of things falling upon you and it can lead to broken bones especially the bones of the legs.

The knee will be a very susceptible part and at times can be affected by rheumatism. Yet to be very particular, this number does give a very strong grip upon life and is often associated with very long life.

If the above guidelines related to health numbers are followed and precautions are taken accordingly, then it will be beneficial for your own health. Moreover, if proper care is taken then the later years of life will be more healthy and better.

About The Author Numerology, astrology and the occults are Abhishek's passions. This has led to the development of the website Know how numbers can affect your health from the Numerology section.
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