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Hot Moms Lift Weight to Lose Fat

Oh, to be a Hot Mommy! You yearn to join this elite club but in spite of all your efforts you haven't gotten there yet. No doubt you've been through all of the crazy fad diets and have even bought your share of diet pills and exercise gadgets. But have you used the tried and true method of lifting weights to burn off the fat and get the right curves?

You have probably heard the myths in this article or even came to your own conclusion about them. It's time to debunk them forever. As a bonus you'll also learn something about weight lifting that you aren't taking full advantage of to get slim and sexy.

Too many women have been sold on the idea that weight lifting is for men and they should do cardio. A few myths later and the belief is set in stone. Who knows when, where or why these myths started but they have held back millions of women from achieving the best physical shape of their lives. The first offender and the biggest: I don't want to get too big and muscular, like a man.

Let play an educational game before we get into the "Big Like Man" theory. The game is to find someone who woke up one day with too much muscle because they were not paying attention. After more than 20 years I have not met a person who can claim they accidentally got too much muscle from lifting weights. Man or woman.

As final proof of the impossibility of becoming too muscular go to the beach in any country and take a look at the men. Sadly, there won't be enough fitness models for every girl to take one home.

The next myth that needs to be put to rest is that women should only use light weights that those using heavy weights will somehow wake up in the Too Muscle-y Zone. Weight lifting, like life, is more complicated than light weight = small, heavy weight = big. So go ahead and lift something big it will come in handy in your everyday life. Seriously, you will have to lift something heavier than a 2 lbs/kg dumbbell some day. Who knows you may even find it fun. No... really, some do. Honest.

The last myth we'll discuss is that women should do aerobics because it burns more fat. Well, that is partly true. Typical aerobics training will burn fat more than lifting weights but only while you are doing it. The fat burning benefit stops when you stop moving. That new muscle you added from lifting weights? It continues to burn fat even while channel surfing.

OK, here is the part you've been waiting for: lifting weights can give the right shape to the parts you want. Oh, don't get all bashful. You know exactly what we're talking about. Adding a little muscle will help lift the parts you want higher. Yearn for more cleavage? It can pick the girls up. Got a flat butt? You can fix it with weights. Got too much butt? Can't lose your baby belly? Guess what, they can be fixed with weights too. Remember that wonderful benefit of adding muscle: more muscle more fat burned. For once the system is that simple.

It is incredible that more women lift weights but these myths are holding them back and chasing even more women away. Sadly they are missing out on the benefits of one the best forms of exercise available. Marilyn Monroe truly understood the benefits and was an avid weight lifter.

Better health, being better prepared for everyday life and getting your body into that slammin' sexy shape you've always dreamed of. You have to admit those are some great benefits. All these benefits are within your reach if you are willing to shed the chains that are holding you to the belief that weights are only for the boys.

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