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Marathon Tips

Marathon Tips is makes your dream of running in a marathon a reality. With our guide, find tips on selecting proper running shoes, the importance of getting enough sleep and the usefulness of having training partners.
Marathon Preparation Tips How to Prepare for A Marathon
I love talking with people who are considering running a marathon. I think it is one of the best things that someone can do with their life and health. It is quite funny, however, to sit down with som...
Mens Triathlon Offseason Workout Tips
Whether you are a man interested in beginning training or continuing your training so that you can compete during the sport's season, having a proper mens triathlon offseason workout is critical. Eve...
Plan a Walking Marathon - How You Can Train for a Walking Marathon
A marathon sounds intimidating, but that only makes the possibility of completing one all the more attractive, and impressive. You don't have to be an athlete to train for, and complete, a marathon. ...
A Marathon Achievement - Or Physical And Mental Hell?
At 9.00 am last Sunday morning around 35,000 pairs of trainers prepared to pound the capital's streets in the Flora London Marathon.
Triathlon - Basic Equipment Required
A triathlon is one of the most demanding sports there is but the sense of accomplishment and achievement experienced once you've completed one, far outweighs the time, effort energy and dedication r...
Dream About A Marathon
A marathon is the ultimate dream for many runners. People who have been running for years and some that have never run a day in their life love the idea of finishing a marathon. There seems to be some...
Marathon Training Programs
A lot of people believe that to run a marathon you need to some kind of super athlete. But with the right marathon training programs you can successful train for and complete your first marathon. Yes...
Preparing to Run a Marathon
If you've ever run a marathon, or even been a spectator, you'll appreciate the motivation and commitment involved. If you're not prepared when it comes to race day you can expect many hours of suff...
Falling for Niagara: the International Marathon
For most people, Niagara Falls is known as a thunderous wonder of the world where millions of gallons of water cascade into the deep pool which sits on the border of Canada and the USA. The waterfall...
Training for a Triathlon
What's Involved in Training for a Triathlon?For some who aren't exactly professional athletes, the idea of training for a triathlon is right up there with the idea of hooki
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