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Exercising and Running

Exercise and Running Guide gives every runner and sports person the help and hints that they need. Whether you run professionally or for fun, this site will have all running and exercise questions answered online.
Running Barefoot
There is no question that running shoes today are far superior to anything we used back in the early 1970s. In those days companies weren't putting much effort into technology for developing shock a...
Ankle Pain for Runners and Triathletes
Triathlon training is a funny thing in that pain management is a priority for all Triathletes. I can't think of a sport where pain is such an integral part of the training process. Hopefully enduran...
The Best Exercises for Sexy Thighs and a Toned Butt
When searching for the best exercises for the thighs, you see TONS of ads promoting all of these fancy so-called inner-thigh blasters, thigh squeezers, thigh-toning machines, etc. Take my word when I ...
Elliptical Machines Use These When You Physically Cant Jog At Your Next Work Out
Do you find that jogging puts wear and tear on your body at times? Even though jogging is great for weight loss, sometimes the impact can leave you in enough pain that running wont be an option at ...
The Benefit Of Regular Exercise - Physical Activity For Better Health
What is the difference between exercise and physical activity? Physical activity is any type of movement of the body that increases your metabolism and causes your muscles to contract. Examples of phy...
Runners And Their Running Shoes
Runners get benefits from many different areas, the first is cardiovascular, the second is they are getting aerobic exercise and third is they are increasing endurance. A good pair of running shoes c...
Abdominal Exercise Equipment - An Honest Review
Are you in perfect shape for summer yet? Those sunny days are just around the corner and everyone is out shopping for their revealing, sexy bathing suits. How will your new swimwear fit on you? Let's...
Rafters Rapture - Chiriqui Panama River Running
Sanchez moves through a demonstration of paddling technique and a review of the commands his guide will use during the trip. All forwardŁ he says firmly. All backŁ he calls out. Left forw...
Knee Pain for Triathletes, Endurance Athletes and Runners
There are obviously a thousand reasons that a triathlete may be having a knee problem that impacts their triathlon training and a short article on knee issues couldn't possibly cover all of them. Ha...
The Cannonball Run Europe 2007
Ever since the first automobiles took to the road at the beginning of the last century, drivers around the world have been enthralled by these wonderful pieces of technology. Knowing that you are in ...
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